Nervousness, anxiety, changes in eating habits, mood swings, headaches, loss of enthusiasm and energy, chronic fatigue and many other problems without obvious healthy reasons - that's the stress, the disease of modern society. Мedications and alcohol are not the solution.

         The loading unusually large responsibilities, the continuous compliance with colleagues and striking lack of time, are making work environment a major source of stress. The manager is the person, who must ensure that the team and his subordinates do not fall into stressful situations, and this is achieved with practical skills for managing stress.



                Training "Stop stress at work" offers a full range of skills for effective stress management:

  • Understanding the type of stress and the causes of their generation;
  • Understanding the types of behavior in stressful situations and practical ways to neutralize them;
  • Techniques for the construction of psychological defenses against potential stressors;
  • Eliminating the factors causing stress;
  • Recommended methods of sedation practices in a stressed team.

           The strength of the stress depends on many individual factors, such as physical health, the complexity of our commitments, the expectations of others. The list can be remarkably long. Now You decide whether to accept the decision to change and find measures to timely assistance!