"Who can laugh the other, it should be viewed seriously. This is known to the people who have power!"


       Love and pleasure are measured in smiles.  If you know how to use the power of humor, you can striking easy get the desired, because transmit cheerful mood of his listeners and gain their trust.  Smiling man is an open person. Not surprisingly, that in a increasingly of advertising relies on original used humor as a technique to attract customers. Surely you've seen or know people who do not have dazzling appearance, but magically attract attention and are liked by the opposite sex because they are an entertaining company.



            With the training "Attractive power of the funny man" You:

  • Finding the types of humor and their nature;
  • Mastering techniques for achieving, maintaining and transmitting serene state of mind;
  • Mastering the technique for specific and stylish humorous approach to the opposite sex;
  • Improvising in new and unusual situation;
  • Harnessing conflicts and disputes through wit;
  • Using appropriate humor at the right time;
  • Know how to avoid trite humor.

            Demonstrate power with remarkable wit, gain friends more easily and achieve results with a smile!