Research specialists shows that usually colloquially used no more than 3,000 to 4000 words. However, in the language of the body has been demonstrated over 700 000 characters of which 15, 000 covers only the face, thanks to his 44 muscle groups.



            Discover how to recognize Your own emotions and those of your companions with the exclusive offer of Training Lab for quick and easy understanding and mastering of human micro facial expressions. Micro facial expressions are short cuts to the facial muscles, which occur when you try to suppress certain emotions and feelings. Facial expression is based on natural reflexes and his reading is incredibly valuable, because subtle mimic reactions in the face of a man can give a complete and reliable picture of its internal state, intentions and attitudes towards external stimulus.

               With the training "Read the message of the face" You:

  • Overcome obstacles to communication;
  • Easier reaching the desired results both professionally and in intimate relation;
  • Receiving perfect practical skills to detect and interpret nonverbal messages of his interlocutors.

            Professionals have found that each person speaks in its own way, but certain movements and mimics signals are universal and common to all.