NLP therapy  is among the most modern and effective form of therapy. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is discovered  by the creative genius Dr. Richard Bandler and the linguist Dr John Grinder like the hypnosis is one of the powerful methods used in NLP.

NLP therapy opens new opportunities for a better life because effectively treat diseases and problems of mental base. NLP trained therapist and hypnotherapist will help you to solve your mental disorders and conflicts and to achieve peace, harmony and balance.

Can NLP therapy help you?

NLP therapy heal, improve and maintain mental health and well-being, and helps to harmonize the body and the mind.

With the help of an experienced hypnotherapist and NLP therapist, you can get the required treatment and improve your emotional and mental health. Ivelin Bonev has graduated NLP and hypnosis in The United Kingdom of Great Britain  and the U.S., personally by the father of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

Ivelin Bonev cure:

Stress (tension)
Uncertainty (lack of self confidence)
Anxiety disorders
Panic (panic attacks)
Obsessions (intrusive thoughts, ideas and actions)
Anguish caused by separation, unrequited love. (lovesickness)
Mourn the loss of a man
Phantom pain
Overcoming and cessation the use of medications (antidepressants, etc.)
Addictions (alcohol and nicotine)
Helps recovery from physical or mental trauma
And other mental disorders

NB! Ivelin Bonev does not work with medication treatment .

NLP therapy uses the natural processes of the brain and the body, the  hidden resources of the subconscious to unlock long-term positive change.

Price: 40-80 levs (consultation duration from 60 to 90 min)

You want to feel better?

You want to see how the light in the tunnel gets brighter?

Do you want your life to be harmonious?

Are you ready to get rid of the problems and start living free - Your life now?

Too many people in Bulgaria are living permanently in fear, worry, stress that even with some very serious mental health disorders. Many people in Bulgaria pay the highest possible price, permiting  the time of their life passing through into their problems - again and again. People in Bulgaria are trying to help and heal with sharing with family and friends but in their intention to help they can even hurt them . That`s why many people in Bulgaria suffer for years ...

Say NO to illness and to psychological problems and ask for professional help now.

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Ivelin Bonev receives internationally recognized degrees:

Hypnosis Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Practitioner
Psychological Debriefing for Road Traffic Accident Victims


Trust the professionals.

Say NO to illness and to psychological problems and ask for professional help now.

Schedule Consultation Here:
042 657 799