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Description: Brain Sales

Today we are at a specific point in the evolution of business in Bulgaria and abroad.
This particular point requires a tailored approach to address new problems.
To keep the market development you must be able to sell.
Today's situation is far different from anything known to the business so far. To survive, to endure, to be able to cope and develop we need new approaches.

The aim of the training Psychological Sales is to equip these new skills, these new approaches, which can count in the new era of business today, here and now.
This is not a promise of another wonder or magic pill that will fix the situation for you. These are fundamental Psychological Selling Skills most powerful NLP techniques that give real results here and now at this point in this situation.
Only people willing to work hard and smart can achieve their goals regardless of the situation.

Here are the three topics, which will be based on this training:
Strategy - how to position yourself or your business so that you are constantly in demand and always have customers.
Psychology - most powerful sales and NLP skills for influence and impact on the customer.
Courage - building indomitable inner state - stability, confidence and courage with which to stand up face to face with any difficulty.

The training program:

  • What are the three golden keys that will ensure success in sales?
  • Trades Strategy - how to position yourself or your business so that you always wanted and have customers?
  • Target customer groups - how to effectively identify and automatically improve your performance?
  • Strategic Positioning - how to make your position uniquein the~ market?
  • Sales structure - building considering sales approach, which rely in any situation
  • Three Fundamental Selling Strategies to Attract Clients and which one will be best for you?
  • The five psychological stages through which flows the human brain to the conclusion - I want to buy it!
  • Breaking limiting beliefs and cliches that clutter your mind and block your way and be successful seller.
  • Build powerful psychological conditions that propel you to success
  • At what point and how to activate each of the five psychological stages in the customer's mind?
  • How to catch and hold the attention of the client on yourself?
  • How to capture the respect and the interest of the client, so that he might want to listen to you?
  • How to get your customers in the track which irresistibly propels him to buy from you?
  • How to influence the client on conscious and subconscious level?
  • How to sell, really sell the phone?
  • Indirect approach to identify customer needs with laser precision
  • Direct approach to customer needs with laser precision
  • Creating, building and excitation compelling needs and desires in the client
  • Understand and use hot buttons to influence customers
  • Magnetic presentation of your product or service to the customer's needs and the use of powerful active hot buttons in your presentation
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL the 13 trigger to activate emotional and psychological desires in the customer desires to buy now
  • Strategic deal with objections in a psychological models to create the feeling that the client buys it, not selling to him
  • 7 MEGA POWER NLP techniques to transform the objections at the incentives to make the purchase now
  • Seamlessly directing customers to purchase in keeping with his wishes, needs and comfort levels
  • Three psychological impact model to finalize the deal at the moment
  • Aftersales strategy for building long-term relationships with clients

All this and much, much more in two days in a small VIP groups - maximum 8 significant to your success and enterprising professionals to provide time to consider the issues, cases, difficulties and challenges of practice to each student.

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Maximum group size: 8 students (VIP Training This is for serious people. Besides material Ivelin Bonev will take the time to answer the specific questions of the participants encountered in the process of learning. You will get specific answers to specific questions!)

The price includes four coffee breaks, materials and certificate of received training - Psychological Sales.

Trainer: Ivelin Bonev

Ivelin Bonev Psychological Sales

Education: The first Bulgarian internationally licensed NLP teached by the father of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

Experience: Over 12 years personal experience in sales, nine of them over direct sales of cold contact. 1 year experience in NLP trainings and hypnotherapy for dealers and managers.Find the students feedback below.

My Philosophy: Everyone thinks that a good entrepreneur is born - I think the best entrepreneur is made. Best just do not rely on chance - they know what they're doing.

Quality guarantee: Everyone can promise miracles, I give GUARANTEE. If you can`t go with a new, profitable sales strategies and principles that you can immediately start using in your business to achieve more sales and more profits we will refund your fee at 100%

Here's what our clients say about Psychological Sales training with Ivelin Bonev:

Thanks to Ivelin Bonev for Psychological Sales training.


The presented information is extremely useful. I am glad that Mr. Popov is an outstanding professionalist. This the presentation helped me to understand better the specific needs in me. Now I got something to improve my work to achieve excellent sales results.
The training by Ivelin Bonev awakened in me a great desire for further development of mine personal skills and expand my knowledge in the field of trade.

I recommend the training - Psychological Sales with Ivelin Bonev – for all sales managers who want to achieve greater sales results.

Recommendation : Auto Expert Signature1 Psychological Sales

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