The freedom to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. This gives me my NLP that I give in my training.

Hi Friends,

Another year has passed by with realized and unrealized desires, ambitions and dreams. Well, the world did not end, once again ... and now we face the eternal questions which remains:

How to achieve more successful and happier life?

Let us now start backwards. The answer of the first question of how to be happier / you? Because I think, when you find what are the things that makes you happy, then he / she is much closer to their own personal fulfillment and achievement of personal success.

So, if you agree with me, let's do a small, pleasant experiment and answer the question: What are there really important things about me and my life?

Interestingly, there is not just one correct answer in fact.
For some it will be more true friends, for another is more harmonious relationship with the family, or a new house or a car,for tohers- children, but most often it will be a combination of all these and perhaps some other things. Now that you've made your list arrange your happiness points of importance. Now you've got a combination of events that will lead to happiness as you imagine it.

What you now have in your hands is a list of goals. Some are easier to achieve, others are more difficult. But in any case, now you can clearly see what you are going to accomplish in the new 2012. and beyond. These are your goals that will lead you in the way of your happiness.

And the most interesting... Achieving these goals makes them reality and gain experience on their implementation.

The Thorny Road of Honour How to be successful and happier.
And everything is related to success.

Success lies consistently and reliably on your chosen direction for achievement to your goals. In some cases, the road will be longer, in others shorter, but in any case the most important thing is to enjoy it.

This does not mean that everything is going smoothly, that means learning to enjoy the smooth part of the road as the thorny. So when you reach your goal, you can look back and look at the path you have walked and say - it was an incredible adventure. It was not easy, but it was interesting and most importantly - I walked it through.

How NLP changed my life?

The thing that attracted me was the result from NLP. I'm always looking for knowledge and skills which delivers real results.

How NLP changed my life?

When I was in high school, teachers asked me:

- How I can use it in practice?

Probably sounds familiar? If so, then you know the answer ...

- This is for a person to figure out what to choose to study at the university.

Or this response:

- This is for a person who wants to have a wide range common culture.

Or my favorite:

- This is a program.

There were little - but still there - teachers who responded meaningful and I am grateful to this day for the useful things that I learned.

Then I asked the same questions in the university  and the answer was:

- This is a university in which bachelor`s undergraduate teaches Universal Knowledge!

Haha, well when I will finally start to learn something concrete, applicable in real life - when I am 40!

Ultimately, we no longer live in the 19th or even the 20th century, when it was normal to speak scientists and math and music and literature and etc., because information on these topics is in its infancy and person`s mind  is unable to comprehend. BUT! We live in the 21st – The Information Age. Already one high school student knows that when he finishs his education, the information for programming would be four years old.

Why then, employers complain that there is no skilled labor force?

In school, more teachers make us grinding instead thinking. The University again make us memorize gigantic amount of information.

But that does not prove that no cramming, and thinking is the basis of effective means of handling the huge amount of information we face every day?

NLP has helped me to get out of the cycle of an outdated education system and taught me - how to manage the conscious and subconscious, so that I can properly fit into the new era of the information age.

With NLP I don`t have only psychological skills, I can deal with internal and external problems and challenges, I have super effective communication skills for business and interpersonal communication. NLP has helped me to think effectively and to acquire new knowledge and skills at the speed of light. With these skills I can confidently manage the ship of my life in sometimes stormy seas of information. And kno when and where to find peace. How NLP changed my life?

NLP  gave me the courage to keep dreaming and the knowledge on how to realize dreams.

Ivelin Bonev How NLP changed my life?

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