You imagine everyday life without stress as reachless miracle? You have a sense of lack of time, you  assume greater responsibilities and fall into conflict? If you know how to save the additional emotional stress in the workplace, you will relieve yourself, your loved ones, and you will regain a sense of satisfaction from the work!



            One of the most important qualities of the proven leader is the ability to manage conflicts. This quality helps him for the resulting progress of his team, and in winning negotiations.

          With the practical training "Overcoming conflict and stress" you can improve your life because you will gain skills in:

  • Opening the causes of conflict and stress;
  • Neutralization of these reasons;
  • Knowing your genuine reactions given rise to conflict and the ability to control them;
  • Overcoming barriers to communication;
  • Coping as important negotiations;
  • Practical detection of positive strength in the conflict relations.