Stress can be a useful and harmful. Harmful stress, which specialists refer distress takes our energy and destroys us. Stress can be successfully controlled and overcome it in the workplace is an important component of an effective team.




            For each manager is useful to have skills to identify and relieve the factors causing stress because it provides a suitable environment for their subordinates and ensure high performance.


         In exceptional training "Controlling stress for effective teamwork" were covered topics and the relevant to their interactive methods for mastering the skills. With the role play, simulation games, cognitive tests and the possibility of discussing the authentic problems we suggest You:     Being aware of the nature and the phases through which the state of stress passes;

  • Being aware of the nature and the phases through which the state of stress passes;
  • To establish timely high level of stress among staff;
  • Quick to  discern the factors causing stress;
  • To know how to overcome stressors for you and your team;
  • How to maintain your psycho-emotional state in stressful situations - technical and practical strategies;
  • Personal program to deal with stress in the workplace;
  • Building security and positive attitudes in the workplace.

        Stress management is a strong connection with the construction, maintenance and coordination of team. With the special offer of this comprehensive training, You are discovering and master important skills for the effective operation of the team:

  • To know the nature of the organization team at work;
  • Research of psychosocial climate in the group;
  • Types of collective roles, their easy identification and perfect combination;
  • Techniques to correct the unbalanced team;
  • How to get the exclusively important spirit of the team;
  • Gaining credibility among the team and promote tolerance;
  • Achieve integration in the joint action of the staff;
  • Profitable communication skills and conflict resolution;
  • Methods for the development of the core values ​​of the team;
  • Transactional analysis - practical to assess the collective;
  • Аdequate approaches for different types of people;
  • How to understand and appreciate the work of staff;
  • Ways to manage the emotional state of the interlocutor.

                       With interactive methods used by our specialists, You can achieve positive change and satisfaction with the results of Your team now!